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Colleen Blondell has had a long, successful career in
sales that began in college. While she was a student,
Colleen sold books door to door for the Southwestern
Book Company and finished 13th out of 1,000 other sales
reps. After college, Colleen went on to sell electronics
with Brady Corporation where she broke the glass ceiling
by becoming the first female ‘Sales Person of the Year.’

Colleen has reached the point in her
career where she is focusing on her
team, what they can achieve together
and how they can benefit the community
around them. She wanted to
provide an environment for successful
people to be able to work part
time and feel fulfilled. “I remember
being a stay-at-home mom and not
seeing the opportunities available
to support a successful part-time
career. We have that here,” says Colleen.
“We provide an environment
where my team can make money
and juggle a family, semi-retirement
or other personal goals, while still
being engaged in real estate. I’m
very fortunate to have always had
awesome people working with me
who have enjoyed the environment
we offer. One of my biggest priorities
is to create a solid culture and fun
work environment that is personally
fulfilling to everyone,” says Colleen.

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