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Jennifer & Ravi Srivastava Testimonial

Colleen Blondell of Blondell Properties helped us sell our home in Cary last May and buy our new home in Durham. It was a pleasure to work with her and she provided outstanding service.
Before choosing a real estate agent for our sell and buy transactions, we conducted research to find a realtor we would work with. We checked realty websites, testimonials, and sale listings. And based on this research, for us, Blondell Properties stood out in Cary – their website is attractive and easy to navigate, and their testimonials are excellent.
We spoke with Colleen and then met with her at our home in December. In that introductory meeting, she spent considerable time answering our many questions about her company. She provided information on: how many homes they sell, the current listings with her company, how long their listings typically stay on the market, what were the comps in the area, and so on. Based on this meeting, we selected Colleen as our realtor for both selling our home and buying a new one.
She made the selling process incredibly easy and suggested extra, but important, steps that, we believe, helped sell our house quickly at a good price. For example, she arranged for an interior decorator to stage our house, a photographer to take professional photographs, and an appraiser to appraise our house. Based on the comps and the appraisal, she helped us decide on a viable listing price.
Subsequently, Colleen designed a listing that looked amazing and attracted many buyers. After the listing was active on MLS in the last week of February, Colleen organized an open house over the first weekend in March. And on Monday we had a good offer that we countered! Colleen helped us negotiate a final price and then our house was under contract with closing scheduled for May 15th.Thereafter, she (and Kathy who also was incredibly helpful) helped us navigate through many related activities (e.g., home inspection, radon inspection and treatment) and walked us through every step of the closing process ending on May 15th. We believe Colleen’s knowledge of what it takes to sell a home really paid off.
While we were preparing our Cary house for sale in the January-February time frame, we also started researching possibilities for our next house. Colleen started a search service that periodically updated us on current listings that met, or were close-to-meeting, our requirements. Additionally, she took us to see promising listings. While walking through these listings, Colleen raised many helpful points (e.g., whether the grading of the lot allowed for good drainage, whether the house would get adequate sunlight). Working with her diligently, we signed the contract for our new house in March with closing expected by the end of May. Again, while signing the contract, she made helpful suggestions about which of the options were worth considering.
Because the closing for our new house was expected to be at the end of May and the closing for our Cary house was on May 15th, we decided to try and rent back our Cary house through May 31st to avoid having to stay in a more-temporary lodging. Again, Colleen worked with the buyer’s agent to make this possible and ensured that an amendment to the sale contract was put in place.
As it turned out, the construction of our new house got delayed and the related closing was postponed to July. Consequently, we had to stay in a hotel in the June-July period. During this period, Colleen maintained regular contact with us and kept up-to-date with the progress being made on the construction of our new house. When the house was ready, she helped organize a home inspection and a radon inspection and then walked through the house with us, pointing to items that needed to be addressed. Finally, she accompanied us to the closing in July.
Working with Colleen and Blondell properties couldn’t have been a more pleasant experience. I’ve recommended the Blondell Properties to everyone I know. Colleen is a true professional who would go the extra mile for you. And she is a genuinely nice person. Based on our experience, I would highly recommend Colleen to work with you as your Realtor.
Ravi & Jennifer Srivastava 2019