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Seller – You’re Listing Your home, Now What?


You’re Listing Your Home

Now what?


Listing Appointment with Blondell Properties –

At the Listing Appointment you will meet with Colleen Blondell for a question and answer session.  Forms & Documents will need to be signed.  A walk through of your home will occur.

  • Seller to provide a copy of survey and Floorplan- often you can find this in your previous closing documents or past appraisal
  • Special features: we like to put together highlights of your home and neighborhood –

please make a list of updates, upgrades, new appliances, a/c units, siding, roof, etc so we can highlight these items

  • Personal letter: sellers who write personal letters on why they love their home, memories of living in their home and/or why they enjoyed the neighborhood sell their home quicker
  • Colleen will provide comparables “comps” of other homes that have recently sold in the neighborhood
  • Document – Wake County Real Estate Tax Information
  • Form – Working with Real Estate Agents to be signed
  • Listing Agreement to be signed
    • Agree on Listing Agent & Buyers Agent Commission
    • Listing Date
    • Marketing Start Date& End Date
    • Price of Home
    • $500 Marketing Fee should the contract expire or not close to cover Marketing Fees incurred.
    • Property Disclosure to be filled out by Home Owner
    • Mineral, Oil & Gas Disclosure to be signed by Home Owner
    • HOA – Seller Pays HOA Transfer Fee – Is there a transfer fee? If so, how much?
    • Personal Property – TV’s, Mirrors, Appliances
    • Video Cameras / Recording
    • De-cluttering and Staging Discussed – You’ve lived in your home for many years. Now, it’s time to make it look its best.  First impressions are important!
      • Neutral Paint Colors sell best! Hiring a painter to paint the rooms on the first floor may need to be required prior to listing.
      • Carpets Cleaned – if you have a pet or there are stains on your carpet, the carpets need to be cleaned to create that first impression
      • Clean House! Look under beds, in closets & cabinets.  Closets & Cabinets should be organized.  Your home needs to be clean, toys, trash and personal items need to be put away / thrown away.


Now Your Home is on the Market –

  • For Sale Sign
  • Lock Box
  • Flyer Box – It’s important the flyers are outside in the box. Let us know when they’re running low and need to be refilled.
  • Measurements – We will have a contractor measure the inside of your home for room size & total Sq. Ft.
  • Photos – It’s possible one of our contacts will take professional photographs of the inside & outside of your home. Lights need to be on.  The home ready for a showing.  These are the photos that will be used for all marketing.
  • Your home will be entered into the MLS database for all Realtors / Home Buyers to see.
    • Zillow,, Trulia
  • Showing Time Contact # 800-746-9464
    • Any Special Showing Instructions?
      • Time Restrictions?
      • Pets? (It’s best if pets are removed from the home for showings)  If you’re unable to find a place for your pet (Dog Walker, Doggie Day Care), they need to be in a safe space.
    • Showing Time will contact you directly to schedule a showing. Either a phone call or text.  Showings are GOOD!
      • Provide the best number for Showing Time to reach you
      • You can confirm or reject a showing
      • They will need Quick response time
      • If you are not able to accommodate an appt time, contact Showing Time with alternate times
    • After a showing, 4 feedback requests will be sent to the Buyer’s Agent. Feedback can take 48 hours.  We will do our best to follow- up with Agents on their feedback.  Unfortunately, not all Realtors provide feedback.
  • Open House – we try to hold an Open House the first weekend your home is on the market.


Open Houses & Showings – First impressions really are important!

  • Make sure Lights are on (If you have multiple showings put out note asking agent to leave on lights for showings later in day)
  • Front Porch Swept / Glass Door & Windows by Front Door cleaned
  • Driveway Clear of any debris
  • Be sensitive to any smells – pets, foods that have been cooked, dirty laundry
  • Pets – if they need to be removed from the house or put into a secure place
  • Bake Cookies for the Open House. Your house will smell like a home and it gives the Buyer’s a way to remember your house.


When an Offer is Received – It is true, typically the first offer is the best offer

  • All offers will be presented to you for your review
  • The highest priced offer may not be the best offer. Variables other than price to be considered:
    • Closing Date
    • Due Diligence (DD) Period
    • DD & Earnest Money Amounts
    • Contingent Offer?
    • Financing vs Cash Offer


What is the Due Diligence Period?  This is a specified amount of time – typically 3 weeks – for the Buyer to perform calculations, review documents, procure insurance & loan, walk the property, etc. — essentially doing their homework for the property BEFORE they actually make the purchase.  There is a non-refundable amount of money associated with this process.  A Buyer may choose to walk away from the purchase of the property during this time for any reason.


When an Offer is Accepted –

  • Buyers and Sellers need to sign contract. This is typically done via Docusign – it’s all electronic
  • The Buyer will give you a DD check. This is for you to deposit directly into your account.  This is your money even if the contract falls through.  It will be a credit to the Buyer on the closing documents.
  • Earnest Money – This money is held by the Buyer’s Agent or Attorney’s office
  • A Home Inspection will be scheduled by the Buyer. They will spend several hours in your home with an inspector. The Realtor may or may not be present depending on the Inspector.
    • Home Inspection, Radon & Pest / Termite are a few of the inspections that may occur
    • Within 24 hours the Inspector will provide the Buyer with a copy of the inspection report.
    • The Buyers and the Buyer’s Agent will discuss the inspection report
    • A Due Diligence Request will be sent to the Listing Agent / Seller
    • We will discuss the Due Diligence Request – items that need to be repaired / fixed.
      • Quotes from Handyman
      • Items you’re willing to have repaired / fixed
    • This is another step in negotiating. There may be items that are deal breakers for the Buyer and we will have to determine what we are willing to fix / repair.


At Closing

  • You will receive a copy of the Closing Statement 3 days prior to closing. You will need to review and sign so the closing can proceed.
  • Bring your Driver’s License
  • House Keys / Garage Door Opener


About Blondell Properties

  • Office hours: family time is important to both you and us as agents- any communication that can be completed 8am-5 pm M-F should be completed then. We are available to negotiate offers and other urgent issues any time.