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Blondell Properties is looking forward to 2020.  As we reflect on 2019, we are grateful for & proud of a successful year.  As we plan for 2020, we’ve adjusted business goals, we’re planning fun business get togethers with our clients & staff, and most importantly we’re setting personal goals balancing leisure time, family time, work, and personal interests.

In 2019, Blondell Properties sold 41 homes (17 Sellers and 24 Buyers) totaling over $17 million+.  We pride ourselves as being a successful boutique real estate office.  Our team of experienced agents, and our support staff guide each client through a smooth transaction from start to finish.  In addition to our in-office staff, we work with a team of trusted service providers who will provide excellent service to assist you with your real estate & home improvement needs. Blondell Properties works with a nationwide team of agents through the Buffini network.  This network gives us the advantage to market your home to thousands of nationwide agents.

Our team hopes you’ll look to us for any real estate needs or questions.

We look forward to working with you in 2020!




Office Hours:

Family time is important to both you and us as agents.

We request communication to be completed between 8am-6pm.

We are available to negotiate offers and other urgent issues by appointment, and as needed