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Buyer – Prior to Closing

What to do prior to Closing on your Home

You’ve Purchased a New Home!

Now what?


Immediately upon knowing your closing date –

  • Contact Movers
    • Prior to buying a new home, contact moving companies to receive quotes.
    • Once your home is under contract, contact the movers to schedule the date they will arrive to pack & move your items.
      • Things to keep in mind:
        • What is the cancellation policy should your contract fall through?
        • When is your scheduled walk through on your home? If you’re the seller, your buyers will want to walk through the home prior to closing (either the night before or the morning of the closing).  Your house will need to be free of movers & clutter and ready for the new buyers to move in.
        • Where will you stay after your home is packed and ready to move?
      • Create a List of people who will need your new address
      • Update your Mailing Address at
      • Change your address with important service providers – Banks, Financial Institutions, Credit Card Companies, Magazine Subscriptions, etc.
      • Check insurance coverage. The insurance your moving company provides will generally only cover the items they transport for you. Ensure you have coverage for any items you’ll be moving yourself


Approximately 1 week before closing –

  • Utilities – Schedule the day the utilities are to be turned on/off at your current / new location
    • Contact
      • Duke Energy
      • Phone Company
      • Cable Company – I.e. AT&T; Time Warner / Spectrum
      • Garbage / Water – Public Works Company
      • Gas company PSNC
    • Pack an “Open First” box. Include items you’ll need most, such as toilet paper, soap, trash bags, chargers, box cutters, scissors, hammer, screwdriver, pens and paper, cups and plates, water, snacks, towels, and basic toiletries.
    • DMV – After you move, you have 30 days to update your information with DMV. If you need to go into the DMV office, they do schedule appointments!